How does your services deliverable?

Establish relationship and Fact Finding Process

Identify your needs and objectives (Know Your Investor/ KYC, Investor’s Risk Profile and Needs and Investor’s Investment Knowledge)

Online discussion from 1 to 1.5 hours to know further what services I am providing

To figure out whether I am the one you are looking for

To decide for the engagement after the discussion

Engagement of services

Sign a Letter of Intention to make official engagement

Transfer fee of services as per invoice issued

Financial plan will be prepared after gathering the data required

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Action Plan

Involves series of meetings throughout the year

Involves education, growing the awareness and learning the knowledge

Kickstarted the recommended solutions.

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Monitoring and Review

Meetings will be done according to the chosen services

Review the life changes if arise, and financial decisions to be adjusted and advised

When your networth is growing, the KPI of financial planner is met

Annual review will be done at the end of the engagement

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