Why Me

Why Me

Why you should work with an Independent Licensed Financial Planner?

With a decade of experience in the financial industry, I am now a Licensed Financial Planner that holds a Capital Markets Services Representative’s License from Securities Commission Malaysia. I am both Certified Financial Planner, CFP and Islamic Financial Planner, IFP® that works proactively based on your interest. As your Independent Financial Planner, there are multiple providers to help you on your journey to financial freedom. Being independent, I understand the part played by the multiple providers (such as unit trust companies, stockbroking firms, insurance companies, banks and lawyers) or even your wished plan. It is my job to coordinate all your asset lists and report to you whether worth to keep or not.

Benefits of engaging Licensed Financial Planner

You avoid buying any insurance policy that gives unnecessary protection.

You will not commit to risky investments based on factors such as emotion, support friend or relative or self study/own judgement. You will grow in knowledge to become aware of the potential risks you are exposed to.

You will not delay and miss out on investment opportunities regardless market conditions.

You focus on job that you are skilled, get better and leverage time to research to your financial advisor.

You do not have to carry out all the research into potential investments on your own.

You will get someone to monitor your performance and organise all your financial information.

You will be more self aware and wiser to make financial decisions time after time.

You will be encouraged to manage the factors within your control and avoid unnecessary stress because you know more than others on your financial situation and your financial freedom philantrophy.

An expression of love to your family and yourself, in a way that you are not planning in your head only. You write it down and acted according to those wishes.

A legacy planning, where you are listing all your assets and liabilities in order, with privacy and re-tagging the lists in a professional manner.

The difference between Licensed Financial Planner and Financial Advisor represent a single company/ agent

A Licensed Financial Planner is someone who passed either Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Islamic Financial Planner (IFP), Registered Financial Planner (RFP) or Shariah Registered Financial Planner (ShRFP). CFP is a designation that sit the highest standard in financial planning due to recognised globally and is issued by Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM). While IFP, RFP and ShRP are recognised locally.

For someone who is already certified, if he wants to be a Licensed Financial Planner, he must apply Capital Markets Services Representative’S License (CMSRL) for Financial Planning from Securities Commission Malaysia (SC).

I am licensed to advise individuals, self-employed entrepreneurs and businesses on his holistic financial planning, ranging from conventional to shariah compliance concept in his financial planning.

According to the SC, Section 92A (2), CMSA 2007, providing investment advice without a license is an offence under securities laws and may, upon conviction, attract punishment of a fine not exceeding RM10 million or imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or both.

The person you choose to be your financial advisor to help you manage your personal finances and optimise your money is must be independent and not representing a service provider. You will see that one of the biggest risks you expose yourself to is the quality of advice and different services that you receive from the various providers of financial services. Being independent, I have no target or personal interest to chase.

My position is different from an agent’s position. Even if you engage with many agents, you must regularly monitor your plan and update your knowledge. Besides that, you may not be able to distinguish between your real and perceived needs. For example, you may be good and experienced with stock trading but are you and your family protected against premature death and critical illness and plan your legacy? If you choose to follow the wrong advice, you are in trouble. Even if you do engage a few agents or know a fund manager, unless and until you follow through and take action, you will not achieve financial goals and fulfil your life values you ever wanted.